Beauty for Ashes Fund – Crowdfund Campaign Donors

The Beauty for Ashes Crowdfund Campaign that ran from October 30, 2014 to December 14, 2014 was a huge success raising $38,854. In addition, donations came in directly to Point Loma Nazarene University, directed to the Beauty for Ashes Fund. As of January 2015, we are closing in on $80,000 raised for the Fund!

The following donors contributed to the Fund online through the Crowdfund Campaign. This list is not a comprehensive list of all the donors who contributed. Many, many other donors contributed to the campaign anonymously or contributed through PLNU’s Giving Page, and therefore are not included in this list. And in some cases we only had email addresses and not full names to acknowledge. We want to acknowledge ALL of the many people and organizations who stepped up to support the Fund, and continue to do so as we move forward.

The Bridge Church
Journey Community Church
Mission Church of the Nazarene

Aimi Ah Sing
Mollie Ah Sing
Kelsey Alexander
L. Andrews
Taylor Austin
Christin Babikian
Lisa Barnhill
B. Bateman
Ron Benefiel
Donalene Berger
Carol Blessing
Carrie Brakebush
Ed Breining
M. Breining
Melody Brewer
Josh Burgner
Hannah Carignan
Justin Chang
Kimberly Chia
Heather Clark
Michele Corbett
Susan Crabtree
A. Crosby
C. Cruikshank
Caleb Danielson
John and Coleene Dehnert
Mike Dorrell
Jackie Duncan
Rob and Wanda Gailey
Fred Garber
Morgan Garrison
Steve Gilbert
B. Eikermann
Steph Eikermann
Kelcey Ellis
Katherine Fleming
Emelia Forbau
Kerry and Robyn Fulcher
Linday Furusho
Jamie and Michelle Gates
Marie Grey
Laura Hahn
Jill Hamilton- Bunch
Lydia Hariman
Lucy Henderson
Audrey Hiatt
Dennis Hida
Dana Hojsack
Babett Horn
Judy Horning
Shannon Hutchinson
Trisha Ingram
Nikki Junker
Jung Jin LeeYoon
Chris and Kim Jones
Allison Kendrix
Jessica and Caleb Kiley
Meg Kirpas
Kristin Klein
Adam and Renee Kotlewski
Susan Lankin
Christine Licata
Lily Liggins
Tim Little
Theresa Luginbuhl
Kyle Lundberg
Katie Manning
Kevin and Kimberley Marshall
Aiko Martin
Rick Martin
April Maskiewicz
Danielle Miller
Kelly Miller
Kelly Mitchell
Mark and Gayle Neville
Amy R. Nichols
Adam Norsworthy
Julee Oddino
Christine Olguin
Mark Oestreicher
Alexandra Palma
Sarah Parker
Jocelyn Peirce
Ann Powell
Lindsay Powell
Keith and Tanya Prince
William Proulx
Jamie Quient
Julie Randolph
Megan Richardson
Lucille Richie
Zury Rivera
Elizabeth Robinson
Diana Amaya Rodriguez
Becky Rosaler
N. Rosen
Norma Runion
Sarah Scott
Brooke Sebek
Art Seamans
Scott and Michelle Shoemaker
Rylie Shore
Elizabeth Schmelzenbach
Christina Sobolik
Pam Stacer
Dave and Angie Steinhart
Jeff Sullivan
Cindy Swan
Tanna Thomason
Gregory Thompson
Joel Tooley
Susan Tripp-Mosman
Anna Ver Beek
Rick Vogt
Kathy Whittenberg
Gordon Wong
Bill and Treva Yaccino

If you find an error or your name is not listed please contact Kim Jones. In some cases we only had email addresses and could not determine the name of the donor.