Combating Sex Trafficking: A Perpetrator-Focused Approach

This article gives an overview of the history of Human Trafficking, more specifically sex trafficking from many perspectives including that of the feminist movement, faith based groups and conservatives, as well as legal and the governments actions in this movement. After describing the successful “victim-centered approach,” an approach widely adopted in combating sex trafficking, Hughes suggests the addition of “A Perpetrator- Focused Approach.” This approach hopes to first “successfully prosecute sex trafficking cases and relieve the burden on the victim for a successful prosecution, and second, to hold perpetrators accountable by focusing our attention on them…” The victim centered approach along with the perpetrator focused approach leads us to a much needed comprehensive approach to sex trafficking.

Hughes, Donna M. 2008. “Combating Sex Trafficking: A Perpetrator-Focused Approach.” University of St. Thomas Law Journal 6(1). Retrieved May 30, 2012

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