Nefarious: Merchant of Souls is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern day sex slavery.

Born into Brothels

Highlighting the red light district of Calcutta and following the children whose mothers work as prostitutes there

Call and Response

Combination of research, abolitionists, and musicians; the film explores Slavery and exposes the popularity of the hidden system which in 2009 made more than Nike, Google, and Starbucks combined

Cargo Innocence Lost

Highlighting sex trafficking all over the globe through interviews with victims and their advocatesEnjoying the sunset


A look at the pimps and johns of sex trafficking


Focuses on trafficking in the United States; Calls into question America’s definition of human trafficking and follows current and past slaves, pimps, and abolitionists

Free the Slaves

Multiple documentaries centered around the theme of freedom for slaves

Freedom and Beyond

Highlights the voices of boys recently freed from slavery in India, followed by a story of hope and freedom

Happy Endings?

Follows an Asian massage parlor known for having discovered a loop-hole in the system to make the exchange of sex for money legal


Illustration of the sexual exploitation occurring in San Diego with a focus on its impact on families and community

Lives for Sale

Immigration and human trafficking

Not for Sale

Covers modern day abolitionist efforts to fight trafficking in the U.S. and abroad

Not My Life

Covers 5 continents and multiple countries, Not My Life is predominantly a message of hope

Price of Sex

Follows young eastern European women and their life as sex slaves

The Day My God Died

Highlighting sex trafficking in Bombay with actual footage from the brothels and stories describing the day victims were abducted and sold into slavery

The Silent Revolution

Tells the story of lives in northern India that sought freedom and eventually found it and are in the midst of rebuilding their lives

The SOLD Project

Highlighting trafficking in Thailand and Prevention skills

Sex Slaves

Follows on man determined to rescue his wife who has been sold to global sex trade

Very Young Girls

Highlighting sex trafficking of 13 and 14 year old girls in America