Human Trafficking in California: Final Report

Charged by “The California Trafficking Victims Protection Act,” the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force (CA ACTS) works to gain a better understanding of human trafficking in California and reports findings, responses, and recommendations to California Government Officials in this 2007 report. This report investigates the scope of the issue, protection and assistance for victims, the investigation and prosecution of human traffickers, and tactics for the prevention of human trafficking in California. This final report repeatedly conveys the importance for an extensive and unified system for gathering data. Most of the data available to understand the scope of this issue is through media and non-scientific measurements. California is a top destination for human traffickers and lacks an effective system for “conducting ongoing analysis of trafficking-related data.” Accurate data is difficult to attain due to this lack of an effective system as well as the “hidden nature of this crime.”

California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force. 2007. “Human Trafficking in California: Final Report.” California Attorney General’s Office. Retrieved May 30, 2012 (

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