kNOw MORE! – Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Curriculum

kNOw MORE! is a student-centered human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum, for middle and high school age youth in San Diego County. It is a comprehensive and engaging program based on the latest sex trafficking research in San Diego and developed in collaboration with experts from various sectors. The curriculum was designed to help young people recognize the red flags and vulnerabilities around trafficking and to equip them to take action for themselves and for their peers. The ultimate result would be the prevention and eradication of this injustice in San Diego County and beyond.

Why Middle and High School?

Recent research confirmed that the average age of entry for CSEC is 16 years old and can range from 12-21 years of age in San Diego County. This underscores the urgent need for educational interventions in middle and high schools to help prevent the proliferation of trafficking at its beginning stages.

Curriculum Methodology

The curriculum was developed based on the pedagogical understanding that students will best respond to and retain learning experiences gained through 1) creative mediums 2) direct interaction with the material and 3) peer facilitation.

The curriculum is primarily co-facilitated by a Survivor Facilitator and a Teaching Artist/Joker who move the participants through drama, interaction with peer facilitators, dialogue and informative visuals. This program creatively empowers the students to recognize human trafficking in their current context, and to respond when they or their peers may be targeted for trafficking.

Facilitation and Delivery

The curriculum is designed to take place directly in school facilities or community centers, in a classroom or small auditorium space, with movable seating arrangements and projection capabilities. While the timing for program delivery is relatively flexible, it would ideally would take place over the course of 3 days in 75-minute workshops servicing 25-80 youth. Alternatively it could take place in Saturday school in a 4-hour block of time.

Curriculum Development Team

The Human Trafficking Curriculum was initiated by San Diego Unified School District, Point Loma Nazarene University’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation and the San Diego County Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC).

The curriculum advisory and development team consists of researchers, survivor leaders, health professionals, experts from Child Welfare Services, law enforcement agencies, education, victim services and the applied performing arts.

If you are interested in bringing kNOw MORE! to your school or organization, please contact:

Catherine Hanna Schrock
Artistic Director, kNOw MORE!
Center for Justice & Reconciliation
Point Loma Nazarene University
(989) 928-1841

kNOw MORE! is funded by donations and grants. Community partners who are supporting the program are making it possible for us to reach the youth of our community. For more information about how to sponsor kNOw MORE!, please contact Kim Berry Jones at or (619) 246-4031