Limitations in Research on Human Trafficking

Tyldum presents an article outlinging the limitations in research on human trafficking. He identifies three types of trafficking research; persons at risk, current victims, or former victims, suggesting that researches should focus on former victms. This article explains the limitations in gathering data from the other two populations, including the discussion on ethical research of vulnerable populations. A major component of effective research, according to Tyldum, is identifying a clear definition of the population we are recognizing as “trafficked.” Finally, Tyldum suggests that research should focus on local levels. Small scale, yet thorough research, all over the nation, can produce a better understanding of the problem, rather than estimating large numbers for the world, or nation. This article is extremely helpful in calling forth cautions for research and the gathering of data.

Tyldum, Guri. 2010. “Limitations in Research on Human Trafficking.” International Migration 48(5). Retrieved (