San Diego Board of Supervisors Approves Report of the Human Trafficking Task Force

On Tuesday, October 21 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a report on the multifaceted aspects of human trafficking in San Diego. According to the District Attorney’s office, San Diego is the 13th highest child prostitution areas in the country. They are quoting Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) data.Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 3.38.10 PM

This effort started with the formation of an advisory council that reported today on their finding. Members of this council came from multiple areas of law enforcement, the private sector and academia. Jenee Littrell, an expert in the subject, and an educator, led them. This initial advisory board was established June 14, 2011.

According to one of the members of the team, “this has been a labor of love with all the subcommittees coming together.” In the initial testimony to the board human trafficking was spoken as “this incredible human rights violation of women, children and men being prevented from pursuing the dream that the constitution gave us.”

PLNU’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation faculty, staff and students have been at the heart of these developments.  CJR Director Dr. Jamie Gates serves as the co-chair of the Research sub-committee and thus on the Executive committee; Dr. Gates co-presented this report to the Board of Supervisors.  President Brower hosted the pivotal San Diego Human Trafficking Summit back on January 24 of this year where 250 of those most directly involved in combating trafficking came together to map out where San Diego’s resources to do so currently stood, and what the next steps should be for our region.  PLNU students, staff, faculty and alumni volunteered for the Advisory Council and had a strong voice in the development of the recommendations.  PLNU is explicitly mentioned in the recommendations for the coordinating role is has taken to develop the HT-RADAR (human trafficking Research and Data Advisory Roundtable), a network of a couple dozen human trafficking researchers based in universities, non-profits, county social services, school districts and law enforcement.  PLNU has been a part of nurturing a deeply collaborative spirit across communication lines that are sometimes difficult to bridge, witnessing to the power reconciliation to which we are all called.

PLNU Political Science professor Dr. Lindsey Lupo attended the council meeting and had this to say:
“I am so grateful for the dedicated work of the San Diego human trafficking advisory council (including my friend and colleague Dr. Jamie Gates), as they have made San Diego a leader in the combating of modern day slavery. I was honored to be at the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting today to hear their final report and I felt such a sense of hope…we can end child exploitation and sex/labor trafficking in our lifetime – let’s hope our public officials find the political will to do so. And another shout out to my university for being the first in the nation to offer a free college education to human trafficking victims!”

The presentation was covered in local news:

The full report is available here: Human Trafficking Advisory and CSEC Council Report – Final Submission 10-21-14

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