Ten Things You Can Do to End Human Trafficking

The exploitation of people for their labor or for commercial sex is an ugly truth in our community and around the world. We believe that each one of us has a role to play to end human trafficking. Whether you only have a few minutes to take action or you want to get more deeply involved, there are many things you can do to be a part of the solution.

Get educated and Speak Up

See Something, Say Something:

Do you know the signs of someone being trafficked? Find out more here humantraffickingsearch.org/know-the-signs/ 
Add the national human trafficking hotline to your phone and text or call if you see something suspicious. Call 888-373-7888 or Text BEFREE.

Use social media to spread the word:Like the CJR page @PLNUCJR. Share an article, post a “Did you know….” statement about human trafficking. Like and comment on CJR posts.

Teach Students to Avoid Recruitment: Traffickers are looking for victims right in our schools. Help your local school bring human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum to students. Find out about kNOw MORE at pointloma.edu/knowmore.

Take action

Attend an event: Community events about human trafficking happen every month. Visit abolishhumantrafficking.com/events to find out what’s happening in our region.

Buy Fair Trade, Second Hand and/or Direct: When we buy only cheap goods we can end up supporting traffickers who exploit people for their labor. Thrift stores and farmers’ markets are great places to make a local impact. You can rate and understand the products you buy with at Free2Work.org and GoodGuide.com and know how many slaves are impacted by your purchases and how to contact suppliers and businesses at SlaveryFootprint.org

Stand up against Porn: Pornography exploits people and normalizes behavior that can lead to men purchasing another human being for sex. FightTheNewDrug.org offers lots of ways to stand up, including forming a club, building the “Porn Kills Love” movement and more.

Attend a Churches Against Trafficking meeting: Activate your church by attending a C.A.T. meeting to find out how to engage with local agencies and how your church can help. Go to: churchesagainsttrafficking.com

Invest Deeply

Donate to the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund: PLNU supports survivors of human trafficking by providing a college education through the scholarship. Give today to this important program at pointloma.edu/cjrgiving.

Support a local organization: Many organizations in our community provide services to survivors of human trafficking or fight for just working conditions. From prevention to restoration for survivors to ending demand, there is a place to connect. Go to:  abolishhumantrafficking.com/tools/ for your next step.

Advocate: Take action by contacting your local representatives, starting a petition, advocating for legislation or sending messages to elected officials. Go to: polarisproject.org/action to get started.