What College Means to Me – Katherine Fleming

What does college mean to me? College is an opportunity to grow and be excited about finding a purpose for my life. Since starting college I have found that I love to study topics that interest me, like social change and what it looks like to be God’s hands and feet in my future career. College is a place where you can take your passion and make it a vocation. It is a hub for passionate people deciding that they will take what they love and make it their life.

Higher education demands an investment and it shows that the student has committed herself to being a better person through education. It shows future employers that the student is ready and willing to be a dedicated team player who has practiced knowledge in their field. It shows they are capable of flourishing under stress and blooming in adversity.The loyalty of a college student surpasses where they pay their tuition, but shines in where they are learning, growing, and investing in others.

To me, college means a home away from home where I am safe to pursue what I love and meet others who have the same goals. College is a community where you are invested in and where you can invest in others. I know I’m filled to pour out in others and see them grow as much as I have since beginning school. University has opened doors in places I would never have guessed. I have the opportunity to meet congressmen, senators and experts in their respective fields. In college, I see the rewards of great effort, sacrifice, and the importance of diligence in my work.Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 6.06.45 PM

Katherine is a sophmore Social Work major at PLNU. She’s passionate about ending modern day slavery and is an intern on the Beauty for Ashes Team at PLNU’s Center for Justice & Reconciliation.


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